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If you are looking for quality and price, we ll give you the BEST DEAL!!!


In order to price and service was just the way you want to write messages (below the contact form) please provide us with the following essential items for the formation of prices and services:

  • Address loading and desirable time (day, hour)
  • Address of unloading and desirable time (day, hour)
  • Do we perform loading and unloading, or you
  • If we perform loading and unloading, as much as the van away, whether there are floors, how heavy the largest objects and what are the dimensions of the cargo

Next is important to keep your load safely to reach the goal:

  • Whether it be from our side to bring tools for disassembly and dismantling of cargo for easier transport
  • Whether on our part to prepare cargo for transport and secure and protect vital areas, which can be damaged in transit, and you are important (glass parts, drawers, doors, visible flat surfaces, etc.).

All that can be disassembled and arrange for easier transport, should be done prior to transport. Protection can do with cardboard, duct tape, bubble wrap, blankets, etc. All this we can do it, but that we have to point out to prepare and carry adequate protection and tools with him. This all raises the price of transport and only during the performance, but to avoid misunderstandings, it is important to emphasize.


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