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Hire workers for physical jobs

Loading, unloading, disassembly, assembly, packaging and other physical labor during the move. Professional, fast and convenient! Takes the stress with the best deals on the market!

If you need a professional, fast and affordable solution for physical work, you should contact us.

Our employees do their:
      • carrying things on a floor
      • moving flat within four walls
      • dismantling and assembling furniture
      • packing boxes and preparing for migration

 Our staff are friendly and professional, trained to perform all types of physical activities during the migration to the city of Zagreb, and negotiated and throughout Croatia and the EU.

 If you want to use our staff for loading - unloading, you must let us know and emphasize during the negotiation of our engagement. Our employees are not a requirement, this work you can do yourself. If you do not hire service workers for loading and unloading, these employees will not even come on loading.

Price staff for loading and unloading will be charged per hour.

Prices range from 35kn - 50 kn / h per employee.

This requires assessment of our employees, which is free. It depends on the quantity of cargo, number of employees, distance to carry, floors and their own conditions to carry.

If you use our service staff for loading and unloading, the minimum must hire two employees per hour (2 workers after 1h 35kn x 2 = £ 70 or 1 x active 2h x 35kn = £ 70). Accounting unit after the first hour, the half hour.

Mounting, and packing dismantling the same charged per hour. This requires assessment of our employees, which is free.

Cardboard boxes are not charging. You get them free of charge.

The service '' EMPLOYEES of physical work '' of our employees is not a requirement. All these jobs you can do from us just take a van ride. You can make loading and unloading, (disassembly, assembly, packaging, etc.) without our employees.


In addition to hiring workers for physical jobs, we offer services:

Renting R1, and all prices are without VAT

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